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SagemEG_V20.2, rebuild security area added!
What`s new? Two new functions added! - Create BKP - Write RPL Both functions are added for testing new (world first ) solution for unlocking and repairing ULC2 phones ...

SagULC2plus_V22.3 released!
Added direct unlock for many new FW`s: HUAWEI HUAWEI G2100V100R001MWIC74B102SEC HUAWEI G2101V100R001MARC166B102SEC HUAWEI G2100V100R001MARC136B101SEC HUAWEI G2100V100R001NICC13B203SEC ZTE S309_EF-ZM-BHARTI-P118A19FM(S)V1.0.0B01 S309_EF-KE-ORANGE-P118A19FM(S)(H)V1.0.0B01 S309_E-TZ-ZANTEL-P118A19FM(S)V1.0.0B01 S317_E-ZM-ZAMTEL-P118A20FM(S)V1.0.0B01 S500_ERT-TJ-MLT-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B05 S500_E-UG-MTN-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B07 S510_EF-GA-BHARTI-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B03 S510_E-ZW-ECONET-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B02 S510_E-ZM-MTN-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B06 And ...

SagemEG_V20.1 released!
Added direct unlock for new FW`s: HUAWEI HUAWEI G2200CV100R001CAFC52B101SEC G2158_REL_P1.1SD01V01.03 G2157_DBG_P1.1KK01V01.06 ZTE A36_ERK-KG-MEGACOM-P108A6(S)V1.0.0B04 S312_ERT-TJ-MLT-P108A26(G)(S)V1.0.0B05 S316_EF-BI-LEO-P108A37FM(S)V1.0.0B02 Mi Phone Mi-206_04.17.00:18.26.16:08.07.00:X3C_G1028T:ULC2GL Mi-206e_04.17.00:18.26.16:08.07.00:X3B_32_TIGO:ULC2G new version Mi-208_X100V1.1.0B11-GPRS-TIGO-S7-TXD-EFPS-SIM-7751 EMPORIA EMPORIA_V29i_04.20.00:18.26.19:08.10.00:ULC2GL ( V2X_ULC2_NW_HW3.2_Numnoyx_110902) Added NCK calculatig for: G1101_;G1101R003MATS.P01.I27.20.00(G1101MATS.P01.I ...

SagULC2plus_V22.2 released!
Added direct unlock and Restore factory settings for: S309 (newest) E-SA-CELLC-P118A19FM(S)V1.0.0B03 EF-RW-MTN-P118A19FM(S)V1.0.0B02 S317 (newest) ESP-PE-MOVISTAR-P118A20FM(S)(U)V1.0.0B03 S319 (newest) EF-BI-LEO-P118A20FM(S)V1.0.0B01 S500 E-GH-MTN-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B01 E-TZ-BHARTI-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B04 E-ZM-MTN-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B04 E-ZM-MTN-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B07 EC-MW-BHARTI-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B03 EF-KE-BHARTI-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B02 EF-KE-BHARTI-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B06 EF-MG-BHARTI-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B02 EF-NE-BHARTI-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B03 EF-NE-BHARTI-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B04 EFL-COD-BHARTI-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B03 S501 EF-CF-BINTEL-P118A12(S)V1.0.0B01 S502 E-TZ-VODACOM-P118A13(S)V1.0.0B01 EF-BI-LEO-P118A13(S)V1.0.0B01 EF-ZM-BHARTI-P118A13(S)V1.0.0B03 EF-ZM-BHARTI-P118A13(S)V1.0.0B02 S510 E-UG-MTN-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B05 E-UG-MTN-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B06 E-ZM-MTN-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B03 E-ZM-MTN-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B04 E-ZW-ECONET-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B01 EF-BI-AFRICELL-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B03 EC-MW-TNM-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B01 EP-NA-MTC-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B01 ERT-TJ-MLT-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B02 G2100 HUAWEI G2101V100R001BDIC164B100SEC HUAWEI G2100V100R001BDIC80B101SEC HUAWEI G2100V100R001BDIC80B102SEC HUAWEI G2101V100R001BIHC45B100SEC HUAWEI G2100V100R001BIHC46B102SEC HUAWEI G2100V100R001BLRC40B103SEC HUAWEI G2100V100R001LBRC87B100SEC HUAWEI G2100V100R001RWAC16B101SEC HUAWEI G2100V100R001PAKC19B102SEC HUAWEI G2100V100R001PERC13B203SEC HUAWEI G2100V100R001UGAC16B101SEC HUAWEI ...

SagemEG_V19.9 released!
Added Direct unlock for: ZTE -S312_ERT-TJ-MLT-P108A26(G)(S)V1.0.0B02 -S305_E-SA-MTN-P108A28(S)V1.0.0B04 -S318_EF-CG-ZAIN-P108A26FM(S)V1.0.0B01 HUAWEI -HUAWEI G2200CV100R001ZWEC50B104SEC EMPORIA -V29i_V2X_ULC2_NW_HW3.2_Numnoyx_110524_ED001GE_T-Mobile Austria -VF1c_VF1_NW_OLED_Samsung Apr_15_2011 -B2011T - all known version MINIFON TDS12-1 -X17EV1.0.0B15-EnRu Added NCK calculating for some newest HUAWEI phones: [code calculating take ...


About SagDD
  Supported models
About SagDD
Package contains
FTP support
OnLine services
E-mail for logs and support
SagDD Support Forum
SagDD Support Forum

Supported models
SagemDD Unlocker together with hardware dongle serves as unlocking tool for M62 and M62+ based phones:

M62 phones (TI CalypsoCalypso Lite based)
Phone unlock/repair is free!

MyX1; MyX1-2; MyX-1w; MyX-1trio; MyX-1twin; My100X; My101X My200X; My201X; My202X; My213X; MyX2; MyX2-2; MyX2-2m; MyX3; MyX3-2; MyX5; MyX5m; MyX5d; MyX5p; MyX6; MyX7; MyV-65; MyV-75; MyC1; MyC2; MyC2-2; MyC2-3;MyC4; MyC5w; SG-321i; MyS7; Wonu S1; Gradiente GX1; Gradiente GC 202X; TIP-27; MyT-22; Bird S1099;

M62+ phones (TI Calypso+ based)
Phone unlock/repair is free!

My404X; My400Z; My401Z; My500C; My501C; My501Ci; My501X; MyV-55; MyV-56; VS1; VS2; VS3; MyX4; MyX-55; MyX5-2; MyX5-2t; MyX5-2v; MyX-8; MyZ5; MyZ-55; MyC3; MyC3b;
MyC3-2; MyC4-2; MyC5-2; MyC5-2t; MyC5-2v; MyC5-2m; MyC5-3; SG-322i; SG-341i; SG-342i; SG-343i; SG-344i; SG-345i; Wonu S3; Gradiente Gf600(MyF600); Gradiente Gf690;
TIGR 1500; GM-1;

SagemDD unlocker together with SagDD box and USB Data cable serves as unlocking tool for
M63/M64 (TI LoCosto based)
Phone unlock/repair is free. Firmware update takes 1 credit.

Supported models:
My 100X; My 210X; My 212X; My 214X; My 215X; My 200C; My 202C; My 300C; My 401C; My 401Ci; My 411X; My 411Xi; My 411V; My 411CV; My 511X; Vodafone 526; Vodafone 527

M62+ Sec.(TI Calypso+ Sec. based)
Phone unlock takes 1 credit, repair is free!

My X6-2; My-V76; My-E77; My 300X; My 301X; My 302X; My 300L; My 400X; My 400V; My 400L; My401X; My 401V; My 401L; TCM 303 (Tchibo); SG 346i; VS4; VS5;

SagemEG unlocker together with SagDD box serves as unlocking tool for E-Gold base phones like:
Sagem My150X, Sagem My220X, Sagem My220V, Sagem My226X, Sagem My230X, Sagem My231X, Sagem My234X, Vodafone 125, Vodafone 125FM, Vodafone 225, Vodafone 225FM, Vodafone 226, Vodafone 226FM, Vodafone 227, Vodafone 228, ZTE-A35, ZTE-A36, ZTE-A61, ZTE-A62, ZTE-A65, ZTE-A68, Digibee-BSNL-G-200CF, Huawei-T128, Huawei T158, Huawei-T201, Coral-100, Coral-200;
KT-400, KT-500, KT-8800, J-Max JM-5700, J-Max F-10 and other

- E-GOLDlite based phones (old boot)
Phone unlock, repair BLOCKED or IMEI damaged phones is free !

- E-GOLDlite based phones (NEW boot)
Phone unlock, repair BLOCKED or IMEI damaged phones require unlimited paid activation!

- Code calculation for S302 and Emporia Plus V170 takes 1 credit !

Read SP simlocks
Restore default lock
Read The Phone code(Security code)
Read Logs
Read Flash
Repair "Hardware failure"
Reset Phone code timer
Repair "SIM locked" without SIM
Repair "Mobile blocked"
Repair "!" or "3" on LCD

About SagDD
Uses USB power and LPT connection to PC
Works on Win 98SE, ME, 2000, XP
Future updates and support

Package contains
1 SagDD dongle
3 in 1 Cable (9xx, C2, Wonu)
4 in 1 USB data cable

FTP support
Each user must register before use FTP.
FTP Support Area Contains necessary software, tools, manuals and pictures.

OnLine services
You can use Online services with registered login name, password and current SagemDD or SagemEG version.

E-mail for logs and support

SagDD Support Forum

SagDD Support Forum

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